Improvement in Cognitive Function and Emotion Function with the Chanwuyi Lifestyle Medicine Program

Chanwuyi Lifestyle Medicine Incorporates Chinese Medical Concepts and

Conventional Psychological Intervention

Drawing from traditional Chinese Chan medical concepts and conventional psychological intervention approaches, Dr. Suiyin Agnes Chan has developed an Eastern-Western integrative lifestyle medicine program that improves cognitive function in adults and self-control in children with autism. Older adults using the Chanwuyi Lifestyle Medicine Program have shown improved memory, mood and sleep quality after receiving the intervention. Patients with depression have shown improvement in their psychological problems. Children with autism, after receiving the intervention, have shown improvement in their ability to achieve self-control and have had fewer behavioral problems.

“In sum, different cohorts showed various levels of improvement in cognitive function, emotional status and physical health. The results are very encouraging,” said Chan, a professor in the department of psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “The aim is to help patients cultivate a lifestyle that can positively impact their brain, as well as their physical and psychological health.”

The Chinese Chan medical concept consists of four core elements that are similar to Western lifestyle medicine. They are diet, exercise, stress management and emotional well-being. However, the Chinese Chan has unique elements within the four core elements of lifestyle medicine. The program recommends the intake of vegetables, fruits, whole-grains and plant-based proteins in each meal; avoidance of trans-fats, sugar, processed foods and risky substances such as smoking